Simplicity: Royal Clipping is Friendly and Expert about job management by following easy way.Communication and status updates take place via e-ma il messages and web notifications. Cheaper:Our prices start from $.35 depe nding on the degree of complexity of the image to be isolated.No matter h ow complex an object is, you’ll never pay more than expecting per image!! The average price is around 1.5$.Fast delivery: In general, we maintain a 24 hour deadline for jobs up to around 500 images. For bigger jobs (or for la rger file formats or more complex images), we might need a bit more time (approximately 48 hours). On the other hand, smaller jobs are often ready within 8 hours! Professional: Royal Clipping guarantees 100% quality. And if you’re not satisfied? Then we will redo the job, free of charge. Would yo u like to test the quality of our services? Just try us and get your first isola ted image for free.

We use secure FTP such as Hightail, we-transfer, Dropbox which enable you to send files up to 500 GB. It is a quick and hassle-free system. 3 step quality assurance process is conducted & clients’ instruction is fully followed to ensure the finest quality & glamorous images.

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